scientific consultancies

Professor John Oxford has 40-years experience of virology and the discovery of anti-viral drugs and vaccines. He is Britain's top expert on influenza and the common cold but his knowledge covers all 28 families of viruses. He has more than 250 papers published in his name.


Professor Oxford can advise on:

  • how your product could be improved using more effective biology or chemistry and delivery systems.
  • the wider science of vaccines and anti-virals: how big a role might an immune reaction play in the pathology of the disease? Is there a biological marker of vaccine effectiveness? Could there be any untoward effects of a combination of vaccine and adjuvant?
  • how best to manufacture the vaccine: could the substrate used for vaccine production contain unwanted viruses and how could these be removed? What new tests are available to detect these unwanted contaminants? Is the vaccine formulated correctly to give maximum protection? Are drug resistant mutants liable to arise?
  • how to approach the regulatory authorities; Professor Oxford can guide you on current attitudes at the regulatory agencies. How much clinical testing would need to be done and where? Could detailed studies be usefully performed in a human quarantine unit?